The Head Resonance Company

HRC  with Benjamin Heidersberger, an interdisciplinary research and art project which realizes itself with the implementation of ideas and the study of the laws how an idea in space and time employs. HRC has been working between 1978-1984 and 1999- in a wide field of artistic activities like  documentation, video, photography, graphic, painting, sculpture, design, music, performance, installation

HRC Exhibitions


1983         HRC In the Gallery Odem. Video, Audio, Photo, Graphic, Poster. Hannover, Germany

HRC Performances/Installations

1983               Beach performance on the island of Sylt, Germany
1982               Performance “ Ayuttaja man “ in Ayuttaja, Thailand
1982               Interactive sound installation for the Great Price of ARS ELECTRONICA in Linz, Austria  
1982               “ Pigs in the gallery” Performance and provocation. Art association, Castle of Wolfsburg, Germany
1981               Sound installation at the exhibition Phönix for the opening of the New Old Opera in Frankfurt, Germany

HRC Music performances


2008               Sound-movie. Vocal music concert in a dark room at PHOTON 3, Braunschweig  2004  Audio and video performance at the CAISA

                        Institute Helsinki
2003               Singing with the machine. Audio and video performance at the Chamber Music Hall, Sibelius Academy in Helsinki. Producer Shinji

1984               "Concert for 50 headphones" Gallery ART NOW, Ludwigshafen, Germany
1983               Concert "Weltrausch" at the Bhirasri Institute of Modern Art in Bangkok,Thailand Concert "Delay", Gallery Odem, Hannover,     

                        Presenting the vocal music composition “Line of Eloquence “. Days for Radioplay in Hamburg, Germany
                        Chaos delay concert in the Stadtwerkstatt Linz, Austria
                        But who is eating me? ATONAL Festival. Berlin, Germany
1982                Concert “ Kamikaze “, Gallery APEX , Göttingen, Germany
                        Concert “ The hearts are closed “ Wolfsburg,    Germany
                        24 hours concert in the baroque gardens of Wolfsburg Castle, Germany
                        Trojan concert, jazz and folk music festival, Wolfsburg, Germany  
                        Presenting HEAD RESONANCE music at St. Peter’s Church, Frankfurt, Germany
                        Then / There”, video and music for a performance of Mineo Aajamaguchi. Wolfsburg, Germany
1981                Presenting HEAD RESONANCE music at the ARS NOVA. Days for new music in Nürnberg, Germany         

HRC Music projects


2002-              Peter Pixel Project, minimalistic sample music with German lyric
2001-              Project Organon, compositions with classic orchestra samples
1999-2010      Experimental vocal music project HEAD RESONANCE
1979-1984      Experimental vocal music project HEAD RESONANCE
1982/83         The “Sound Research Project “ for the Bangkok Festival of the group minus delta t
1981                 Collaboration with the punk band Hirnschlag


HRC Projects, design, constructions

1983                 Manufacture of stainless steel parts of the Solar Powered Random sound generator in the stainless steel company Butting
1982                  Production of an ice cube 64cmx64cmx64cm 24 hours concert in the baroque gardens of Wolfsburg Castle, Germany
1982                  Poster campaign “ The hearts are closed“ Wolfsburg.
1981                  Design and construction of an iron table.
                          Producing and sending out 6 iron plates for bread backing
1980                  Design and construction of two pentagon dodecahedron loud speaker
                          Design and construction of a potter's wheel
                          Construction of a geodesic dome
1979                 Peter Elsner and Benjamin Heidersberger as jumping jacks. Producing and sending out 10 jumping jacks
                         Object box " Cups "
1978                 Production and distribution of 200 plastic bags, sunflower seeds and yellow chalk, Germany                                  



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